I need your help to win this race, because freedom isn’t free. Your contributions help me:

  • Print campaign literature that can be distributed through door knocking or set out at events
  • Pay for ads in local newspapers
  • Print yard signs to promote my campaign
  • Help buy food and beverages for my volunteers
  • Print campaign buttons you can wear proudly
  • Provide t-shirts you can wear proudly
  • Print rally signs you can wave at events
  • And more!


If you are an eligible Minnesota resident, your contribution ($75 per individual, $150 per married couple) will be refunded by the State of Minnesota. It could literally cost you nothing to support my campaign!

The Political Contribution Refund program was established by the Minnesota State Legislature, and ensures that voters like you can support your favorite candidates (like me) for free! After you make a contribution, my campaign will send you a receipt and a form to fill out and send to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. You will receive your refund in 4-6 weeks.

Monthly contributions help me decide where best to spend your money to ensure a win in November.